2017 Summer Camps



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Grow It, Bake It, Eat It                          
June 12-16 (5 days)  8:00 am-Noon

Plant a garden, bake bread, cookies and more. Of course. eat what you bake and make. Spend a day in the woods cooking snacks over the campfire. Come join us to learn about gardening, baking and more.

For ages 5-10 years. (Fee: $60*-$70)




Science Camp I

June 19-23 (5 days)  8:00 am – Noon

Let’s look at science! How do scientists do experiments? What can you invent that is new and different? There will be some tried and true experiments (like elephant toothpaste) and all new areas of science. What materials can we use to build something? Are there new places to explore? Join us for a week of many hands-on activities.  
For ages 5-10 years. (Fee: $60*-$70)

Pickles, Pie, Peace and Me

June 26-30 (5 days)  8:00 am – Noon

“Pickles”…kids have tough days too! “Pie”…yeah for friendship and team building! No bullies allowed! It’s a new world we’re wanting, in which people know and practice the skills of getting along. But life’s challenges also create strength, confidence, happiness (pie) and success.  Enjoy making pie and sharing it at the end of this week.

For ages 7-12 years. (Fee: $60*-70)

I Will Survive

July 10-13 (4 days)  8:00 am – 3:00pm


Spend Wednesday night sleeping in the woods. Can you survive a night in our woods? Learn to build a fire and cook over the campfire, learn survival skills. Build a shelter to sleep in. Test your skills with survival games. Go hiking and spend time outside learning about the great outdoors.

For ages 8-12 years. (Fee: $70*-$80)


Amazing Animals

July 24-28 (5 days)  8:00 am – Noon


Are all animals cute and cuddly? We will learn about the crawling, creeping, slimy, and just plain scary creatures, plus the cute ones. Study mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Help care for, observe, and pet our center’s animals.

For ages 5-10 years. (Fee: $60*-$70) 

Camp Dig

July 31-August 4 (5 days)  8:00 am – Noon

Come join us in digging into our past. Spend a day each with dinosaurs, Native Americans, and pioneers. Play games and make toys from the past. What do fossils tell us about the past? Then spend a day looking at your past.
For ages 5-10 years. (Fee: $60*-$70)
Extreme Game Camp

August 7-10 (4 days)  8:00 am – 3:00pm


This week is packed with games, games and games! Play games you have never heard of, play games in new ways. Create games to take home and play. One day is spent with water games. How many games can we play in a week?

For ages 5-10 years. (Fee: $60*-$70)





Thanks to the generosity of the 2016 Marathon Classic, FELC has been able to use the recent grant of $24,700 for summer interns, camp supplies, new equipment and additional scholarships.
*Camp fees increase after May 1, 2017      Register early!!!

Contact FELC Educator Sister Shirley for information at 419.448.7485 or email sshafranek@felctiffin.org

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